Radon RemediationSWAT Environmental Colorado has and continues to work with residential and commercial builders to implement passive and active radon mitigation and vapor intrusion systems. We have extensive experience with home builders, schools, apartments and commercial buildings. If any of these air quality issues come up in the new construction process or the sale or refinance of a property, please call us at 303-466-2626 so we can develop and implement a successful mitigation strategy.

Experienced Commercial Radon Remediation & Testing

Just because a company states they’re experts at testing for Radon in homes this doesn’t automatically make them an authority in commercial Radon testing and mitigation. At SWAT Environmental, we have been helping people and businesses alike since 1988. With our years of experience at your disposal you can feel confident that every possible aspect for potential Radon contamination will be thoroughly tested, leaving you with little doubt about any possible dangers lurking in your place of business.

If Radon is found in your business, our team will work with you to create a Radon abatement plan that will protect your business from any legal liabilities while at the same time, ensuring that you, the people you work with, and the customers that come to you will be free from harm.

Radon contamination shouldn’t be a question, it should be a known fact. If you haven’t had your businesses tested before or in quite a while, now is the best time to give us a call. At SWAT Environmental you can feel confident and worry-free about the high level of services we provide. Call us at 303-466-2626 to schedule your appointment for commercial Radon gas testing today!