Radon AbatementIf you’re looking to purchase a new home, buyer beware, Radon gas is a serious contaminate that you should have full knowledge of the property’s history of exposure and/or methods for remediation.

If you’re a real estate agent that is working to help sell a home or are representing buyers interested in a property, SWAT Environmental is an asset you can trust to help you determine the safety of a particular property. A home should be tested for Radon and have a mitigation system in place in the event that test comes back positive.

Every buyer has the right to know the full history of a home and that includes any hidden health risks that could be lingering unabated. Don’t let a fear of Radon disrupt your real estate transaction. At SWAT Environmental, we have a proven history for satisfying the needs of residential and commercial customers alike.

We can custom design and implement a Radon abatement system that is right for the sale property. This will ensure that the any prospective buyer and their family is safe on the day they move in, and will ensure a smooth transaction.

If you’re unsure if a property has been tested for Radon, or if the currently installed mitigation system is operating properly – give us a call at 303-466-2626. We’ve been helping Denver, Colorado area families stay safe from Radon since 1988!

We have a dedicated office staff ready to provide you with a quote over the phone by asking a handful of questions about the property and then providing you a professional proposal within minutes.

With a large professional organization we can accommodate tight schedules and make radon mitigation a non-issue in your real estate transactions.

We understand when you refer us your reputation is also on the line, so SWAT Environmental Colorado takes extra steps to ensure a proper and timely installation. Some of these steps include having an office staff to provide assistance to you and your clients along with a service department to quickly assist with any issues that may arise. Also SWAT Environmental Colorado has the most NRPP certified, insured and back ground checked employees in one radon mitigation business in all of Colorado. With this service we have become the largest and most referred radon mitigation company in Colorado. We also offer $100 off our base price to any client working with a Realtor.